Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've been trying to get a little creative lately. It's so hard for me to stay inside the house long enough to be a productive scrapper in the summer. My thing this summer has been the mini book/album. I feel like I really accomplish a lot quickly...and on a smaller scale it's easier to let the creative juices flow. I can usually do a mini album with my paper scraps I keep that some would probably consider trash. Never throw away your scrap paper! Assign it a special place, just because it's not a perfect piece of paper doesn't mean it can't be very useful. Here are two albums I've finished lately. The first was a mini chipboard album. I painted it and sprinkled the paint with Doodlebug glitter before it dried. Perfect! It's titled "Summer 8". I figured since it was 2008 I would document my 8 favorite summer hobbies this summer. My next album is "Prince Jake". It is a clearscraps album. I adore them! I like using double sided paper and gluing it (with clear glue) to the underside of the album page. This album I decided to put the pics on the underside also. Very 3D. This album is for my little Jack Russell Jake. I saw a mini crown album for a little girl that was adorable, but I don't have kids! So I decided to make it a Prince Jake album:) Enjoy.


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