Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creative Tuesday

I'm beginning to think Fall is really here. This morning I woke up froze! It didn't take a second to grab my robe and turn on the heat. My hubby hates when it's time to turn the furnace on again, hates the high electric bill and the heat. You should have seen his face when he walked in this morning, hehe! So in honor of Fall I made two cards tonite. I enjoy creating them because I honestly never know how my card's going to turn out, it's a mystery until I'm finished...and then I'm thinking "wow, it turned out better than expected" or "oh it's so ugly" and goes in my scraps.
I also added a picture of a recent scrapbook page, it's so pink and non-Fall. I just adore using the color pink and would use it constantly if I didn't think that would be tacky!
Time for bed. My voice is almost back:)


Unknown said...

With the change of seasons comes a change in creative colors!!!! The trick with the heat is always turn it off before hubby gets I like all 3 new cards so no ugly ones here.

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