Friday, September 19, 2008

Lazy Days of Fall

Today the temperature outside was perfect, felt just like Autumn...despite the fact that it is still Summer according to my calendar. I made a little "Autumn Thank You" card tonite, and used some very different patterns of paper. I had made the base of the card without Fall in mind - and used pink and yellow...but it turned out well. My Aunt made me the little pumpkin next to my card out of a roll of toilet paper, how neat? Her Sunday School class made them at Church last week. Now you know where I get my craftiness from.

I also added a picture of my chickens. I just love all my little chickens and I'm training them (if it is possible to train a chicken?!) to eat out of my hand. My older chickens were so wild when I got them - I saved them from the frying pan! It took us months to coax them into the barnyard. Now they are the mothers of all of my young chicks and are the biggest pets around. Just love the farm!


Mary said...

Now, I'm lovin the TP pumpkin! That's too cute!

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