Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cloud 9!

OK, I don't like to talk about myself or anything....but I have to say that I am tickled pink (and purple and green and yellow) over being in the Fab 5 at 2 Sketches 4 You! It's hard to describe how it feels that people like what you make after trying so hard and loving scrapping and card making so much. OK that's all I'm saying about that, but it is an honor.
My card tonite is a "Thank You" card made with My Mind's Eye and Making Memories paper, Melissa Francis stickers and ribbon, and Martha Stewart ribbon, and a Michaels $1 stamp. The Martha ribbon I used I found in the Christmas decorations at KMart, guess it's suppose to be used for tree trimming...but they are beautiful pastels and I knew the ribbon would be wonderful sitting in my scrapbook room. So always keep your eyes open, never know where a pretty card embellishment might be!
It's very cold in Kentucky and still suppose to snow, even though they've been saying that for days and I've still not seen a drop! Anyone excited about the Twilight movie coming out this week? I'm sure me and thousands of teenagers are!
Hope you enjoy the card!


Eve said...

I Am I Am!!!!!
I am going Sat. to the movie before I go scrapping with a friend that night!
Can't wait!!!!

Tammie said...

Beautiful bow! Last week I found fancy white wedding ribbon for $1 a roll and bought several...I love pretty ribbon and bows on my cards and use whatever catched my eye. Are we going with your Mom to the movie...or do you have friends from work going?

Unknown said...

Beautiful card Amber. Looks very "old fashioned". Granny always kept bits and pieces of everything in her sewing room. Wish I had been interested back then. Oh well, time goes on.

Annette said...

Congratulations on being in the top Fab 5! You so deserve it! I just love your new card and love the ric rack! I have seen the previews for the Twilight movie, it looks really good. Let me know how it is.

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