Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cards & Chickens

What could possibly be better than cards and new pictures of my little chickens? If you ask me, nothing ; ) We'll start with the cards. First up is a little Christmas card I made using Papertrey Ink's new Christmas Tag stamps:

And another card. I love house images:

I just tacked the ribbon to the card at the ruffle, didn't even sew all the way across. So easy!

Now barnyard pictures. First up is Jack, another "family" dog that Matt & I have fell in love with. He's gigantic, but tries to set in your lap every chance he gets. He's a Boxer:

Now my newest baby chicks. Yes my chickens are crazy, it is way too late for chickens to be hatching babes...but mine hide and lay eggs, then set on them....and before you know it we have chicks again!

Here is "Black-Gold", my favorite hen. She adores baby chicks and whenever a chicken hatches babes...she sticks to them. We call her the "mid-wife" of chickens. Well Black-Gold has babies of her own now, 2 little one's:

This hen is also a favorite, she is so humble and I adore her little chick. Isn't he cute? We call her "The Silver Hen":

Now to the ducks. My duck and drake (a boy duck) are happily in love. He follows her everywhere and you wouldn't believe how much weight he's gained since we got her:

Mr. Kitty is growing like a weed:

And here's 2 pictures of the tree's in our neck of the woods. You can see one of our barns on the other side of the valley in the first picture. I was up on the opposite mountain taking these pictures:



Jackie said...

Lovely cards, lovely animal photographs and what superb trees :o)
Jackie xx

Tammie said...


Yvette said...

Oh WOW! You have a gorgeous view! Love allll the trees! Very pretty. Your farm animals are adorable; love the "mid wife". :) and lastly your cards are incredible as always! Hope you have a great day!

Unknown said...

I'm going thru my fav blogs and when I got to this one card..I said, "Oh I like that one." was yours. I just love your style of card making, both of these are beautiful. Love the chicks...Black Gold is definitely golden. I feel so sorry for the mid-wife..she looks pitiful. The ducks are awesome and he gained weight because he is happy again. See there a silver lining!!!!
Ms. Kitty is adorable and I took leaf pics also. lol and so did T

Sammye Jo said...

You know I love the animal pics :) Love the fat little duck :) TOO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the card making as was wondering what sizes are your cards for the tree and the house one they look smaller then an A2?

Thanks so much!

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