Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mellow Sunday

I hate writing sad posts...but I felt like I needed to do this one. This week, Matt's Uncle's little dog passed away. His name was Trigger. He was the cutest and sweetest dog and I adored him. I just didn't want him to pass without doing something, so in honor of him....go hug your doggie. Or better yet, when you decide to get a new pet....visit the animal shelter. There's so many dogs and cats that deserve people to love and care for them. I have rescued MANY animals at the shelter and they are so thankful for everything you do for them. And just think, you are saving their life. These dogs and cats are on death row and their only chance is you. Here's a LO I did of Trig a few months ago:

We always said he had "9 Lives"! He's had reactions to flea meds, went missing for 1 month, was always getting into trouble and mischief....But that's what made him Trigger. He had been in the family for 4 1/2 years. I'll never forget the day Matt's Cousin brought him to my back door. He was sooooo tiny and I slid him down in the front of my coat and held him the entire evening to keep him warm.

He was a sweet little dog and I sure will miss him!


Annette said...

Oh Amber, my heart is so sad to hear this news, I am so sorry. I always hear about the animals in your life in your emails and posts and I definitely remember this cute little guy! What a sweet dog he was and I know all of you will miss him dearly. Hugs, Annette

Tammie said...

I am sad! I know that you loved him and I am sure that he loved you in return. You have such a big heart, Ber. That is surely a gift from love his creation so completely. He was lucky to be a part of your family.

Unknown said...

Oh I am so sorry Amber. Losing a pet can be so hard.

Your LO is such a beautiful tribute to him.

(-: Heidi

Jessica Diedrich said...

SO sorry about that, Amber...your layout is a wonderful tribute though. Beautiful.

Unknown said...

I have tears running down my cheeks just reading about Trigger. He was a member of your family, that made him a member of mine. He was a beautiful dog. LIFE is fragile and I think we forget that in the hustle and bustle of everyday living. I do know this...Trig definitely had YOU for a friend. Remember..."All Dogs Go To Heaven".

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