Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snowy Saturday

The weather man was forcasting snow, but I had to see it to believe it! We got 3 inchs of snow today and it was picture perfect.

Here's a picture of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains covered in snow:

And take a look at the Magnolia tree in white:

Such a beautiful Saturday!

And who's finished their Christmas cards? Not me!! Take a look at the mess!

Hope you have a terrific weekend!


Jackie said...

What beautiful photographs :o)
No I haven't finished my Christmas cards yet :o)
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! They will make wonderful cards!! :-)

Finished Christmas cards?? ummmm think not!!!

Have a great day!

Tammie said...

Love the snow! We had between 3-4 inches here and it was beautiful. Finished my Christmas, I never do, but I have YOURS finished :)

Unknown said...

And what a beautiful mess. That's what makes them special. You posted your pics, Tam posted hers so now I'm gonna post mine!!! much fun!!!!

Annette said...

When you told me you got three inches of snow I was hoping you would post photos!! It is gorgeous, you are so lucky! We were supposed to get a little and we didn't see one snowflake! Oh well, it isn't even officialy winter yet so I am hoping for some snow this year! Your cards are going to be awesome, can't wait to see them!

Yvette said...

Beautiful Amber! I would LOVE to get at least 3 inches of snow here, however it did snow here the other day, but did not stick. :(

Unknown said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks so dreamy!

Your cards look like they are gonna be super cute though!

(-: Heidi

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