Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Ramblings

Hi all!  Who's ready for Chrismas?  I'm "almost" there, got a few last minute presents and I'm ready to go.  Instead of  a "White Christmas" we are having a "White December" this year.  Snow from last week still hasn't melted and we're suppose to have 5-8 inches of snow by Tuesday then more snow and ice Thursday/Friday.  I'm all for a little snow, but I didn't sign up for this much : ) 

Got some iPhone pictures to share tonite.  They're always random and fun, that's why I enjoy them.  Thought I'd share.

First up, my sweet schnoodle Gracie.  Love her!  She's all decked out in her turkey bandana...going to Thanksgiving at my Papaw's.

Up next, some pretty red and white felt roses I made. 

And how did this cute guy get into the pictures???  My Hubby hates hats like this, so I talked him into trying it on and took a picture.  He's strictly a Bass Pro Shop or UK cap guy.  My favorite thing about this, the big 70% off sign in the back, hehe!  Bargin shopper.

Now you're probably wondering what I did with those fabulously crafty roses, take a look.

Do you ever get lost when your blog hopping?  I love any type of crafty blog so one nite I was looking around and ended up lost...and found the tutorial to make this wreath.  Too bad I didn't save the site to favorites, can't remember where I was.  But all you have to do is wrap fabric around a styrofoam wreath, letting it overlap, and glue with your hot glue gun.  Then I added a few Christmas ornaments, felt roses, and jingle bells...all done!  Will take a better picture and post it later.

Now for some of my favorite blogs to visit, thought you might enjoy them!


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Bonnie said...

Beautiful little Gracie. Mama Dix Fork's baby!!!!! Love the wreath Amber. It turned out great. The cap looks good on Matt.

Annette said...

Gracie is fluffy white and adorable! Your husband is a good sport for trying on the hat! LOVE the felt roses, and the wreath is gorgeous, I just love it! I'll be happy to take some of that snow off your hands, just send it south, I'll be waiting! Hugs, Annette

Anonymous said...

Love your felt roses Amber, they are so pretty on the wreath!

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