Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Bits of Life

Hi everyone!  Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my blog, each one is appreciated.  And thanks to all who have voted for me in the Practical Scrappers Card Making Contest

Who wants to hear a little exciting news?  I am now part of the Inspired By Stamping Design Team Inspired By Stamping is a fabulous Store created by the talented Joanna Munster, who designs her own stamps!    You MUST check out her stamps, they are so detailed and just amazing.  Each month the Design Team will be sharing sneak peaks and new releases.  And talk about talent, it's an honor to be working with such crafty ladies

I have a few things to share tonite that I ADORE.  I'm so addicted to Pinterest!  My mind is constantly spinning with ideas!  Here's a few things I love:

Is this not the cutest coat you've ever seen????  I NEED it!  I love pea coats, I love hot pink, I love bows!  It's perfect.

OK you've gotta read about the hair chalking!  I think it's beautiful and washes out in about 3 shampoos.  What will they think of next?

I think these sewing kits would be perfect gifts.  Love the burlap pin cushions on top. 

Now I have a question.  How many of you use digital scrapbooking kits and software?  I recently discovered the MyMemories Digital Software and I'm amazed!  So much fun, I could play for hours.  Well I may be having a little giveaway this week!  That's all I can say.  I've been interested in digital crafting for years, but never had software I was really comfortable using, until now!  Will keep you posted.

And last but not least.  My doggies dress up each year for trick or treat.  This year my sweet Gracie is going to be a BEE.  She has a major bee phobia, terrified of the things.  If she hears any type of buzzing, from a stink bug to a hummingbird, she flips out.  We've talked about doggie Prozac, doggie psychiatric treatment....Summer's are rough in the Goble household!  When cool weather rolls in, she snaps out of it and is perfectly normal.  Here's a LO I did a few years ago dedicated to Gracie's fears:

And here is Gracie all dressed up for trick or treat 2011...we had a costume fitting tonite:

The cutest bee in town!  I'll share Jake's costume later in the week...


holly* said...

lol. too cute! and here i thought i was nuts for dressing up our dog for certain holidays...

this year he is going to be a cat. because he's a poodle, who thinks he's a cat. i tried to get a photo of it, but he's a jet black dog and the costume is black too so their really isnt a lot for the camera to capture.

other than that he has a santa coat he wears every christmas. in fact, we celebrate "poodlemas" in our house when the poodle dresses up as santa poo.

will have to work on some layouts too! ;)

Kathy said...

Hi Amber -I discovered your blog over at Joanna's--I wanted to say Congratulations for being choosen for her design team --Your blog is a feast for my senses.( love the hot pink pea coat and the chalk hair!) I am now a follower and I love your little "bee" she is too cute.

Susie Moore said...

Your blog is great. I will be checking in daily!

Looking forward to designing with you too.


Unknown said...

The coat is awesome and so YOU...the hair is way to cool...need to ask Jessica about this. I'm wondering where the shine comes from. I'm thinking this can't be sidewalk chalk. LOL Last but definitely not least...I love my grand-puppy with or without a bee.

Deb Hickman said...

Congrats and I look forward to been on the same DT. Cute dog and fab LO.xxxx

Annette said...

Congrats on the design team Amber -YAY!! Love the Ball Jar sewing kits, I have friend that got a sewing machine this year and is just learning to use it so that would be a perfect gift! Love Pinterest too thanks to you!! Gracie looks adorable in her costume, she's ready for some treats!

Rebekkah said...

Hi Amber
Congrats on the DT possie.. nice one.
Loving that pink coat!! .. yeah i think i am addicted to pininterest too..LOL..
Your lo of Gracie is so cute.. what a sweetie..
I am a stalker too now..LOL !
Becky xx

Rebekkah said...

Congrats on the Dt Team..
Oh yeah i have just discovered pin interest too still figuring out the whats and hows..
Loving that pink coat by the way..
The lo is just gorgeous !
Gracie is so cute in her doggy outfit.
Loving the blog and will be a regular
Becky xx

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