Monday, February 13, 2012

How Many Books???

Hi guys!  I'm back to share a new creation I made using fabulous goodies from The Cutting Cafe.  This week the Design Team is playing with the Mini Colored Calendar Cards

I am a keeper, I like knowing dates and having diaries, keeping little bits and pieces of I decided to make a calendar book.  But not just any calendar book - this one is going to keep a special record for me. 

Photo Via Pinterest
I'm an avid reader and who knows how many books I read a year???  So this year, each time I complete a book I am going to write it down in my handy dandy calendar book.  This project took approximately 30 minutes to complete, very quick.  My supplies are Mini Color Calendar Cards and Fun With Pockets files from The Cutting Cafe, hole punch, ribbon, and any embellishments you want to decorate your book.

To make this cutie I started the Fun With Pockets Template from The Cutting Cafe.  Instead of folding the edges of the pocket I cut them off and just used the front and back, making the pocket my book cover and back.  I then printed the Mini Colored Calendar Cards on colored cardstock and cut them out, leaving an approx 1 inch edge on the left side.  I scored all lines at the edge of my Calendar Cards so my book would fold easily.  I hole punched the cards and fit them into my "pocket" and tied them in with ribbon. 


Once you have your book formed, embellish away.  I made a book mark on the inside to mark the month and added a pocket to the back cover of my book.  I also hole punched the front and back cover and added a big brad to hold my book together when not in use. 


This project was so easy to make.  I think I'll whip up a few extra for family and friends who are readers.  It would also be great to make a child's version so you can keep up with how many books your little reader completes this year.


Visit The Cutting Cafe to see these fabulous items and much more!  If  you have any questions about my creation, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you!


Regina Easter said...

omg.............i love this, i might need to make this for my daughter, she reads like FISH.....all the time..she wants to be a writer...hugs

Annette said...

What a wonderful idea Amber! I love your book and especially the sentiment on the front, it is so cute and goes perfect with the book! Hugs!

Louise said...

This is a brilliant idea! Thank You for sharing x

Anonymous said...

Oh Amber, this is SUCH
a cool idea!
Not recently at all but for awhile
I actually was writing what I read...
and then I got out of reading and
am back to it! I think I've read about 5
books this Winter (something maybe no
one else but you knows! =)
If you ever are looking for a good author,
my most favorite is Mary Alice Monroe!

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful

Hugs, Leah

Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! What a great idea.

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