Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hi guys!  Hope you're having a happy weekend.  I've had a crazy life changing week.  All I know is God is truly leading me, because my life has took turns I never expected.  Turns for the good.  We decided to foster to adopt back in November and started classes in February.  Our classes are almost complete and I've been so worried about baby care since Hubby and I both worked nite shift.  Soooo I put in for another job, day shift five days a week like normal people work, and I got it.  It will be an education job, no more holiday work for me.  I've been working this crazy schedule for 11 years.  Hubby also took a day shift job so we can be home nites and evenings.  Just keep us in your Prayers!  It's amazing to see God move in your life.

Now on to cards.  This month Stamp School is focused on Graduates.  It's so difficult to find good graduate stamps.  Stamp School had two stamp releases this month, "To The Future" and "Graduates".  Here are a few cards I made using the March goodies:

All of my cards used Stamp School's Pop Tone Card Stocks and Inks.  If you are looking for a card stock that stamps great, I highly recommend Pop Tone.  You can shop for Stamp School products at their sister site, A Walk Down Memory Lane.  Plus check out Stamp School's Website - a great place to learn tips and tricks for stamping.  You can also find all four of my cards there plus a complete list of products and details on how I made them.  

There's also a fabulous giveaway going on at The Sampler Blog.  All you have to do is leave a comment on Holly's Post by April 7th for you chance to win goodies from The Sampler.  


Kathlene said...

Really love all your graduate cards...the felt scallop element on the last one is fabulous. Good luck with your foster/adoption surely sounds like the way is opening up for good things to happen! Hugs, Kathy

Kathlene said...
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Annette said...

Love all your cards Amber!! Congrats on all the wonderful changes that are happening! I'm so excited for you and Matt! Hugs, Annette (Will email you this week!)

Unknown said...

so many cute cards. congrats on the new job and good luck with the foster/adoption.

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