Saturday, May 16, 2009

Let the Sunshine In!

It was a beautiful day in Kentucky! Sunshine, blue sky's, warm temperatures...what more could a girl ask for? May is my favorite month because I know I have the entire Summer to look forward to. I'm definitely a warm weather person!
Got a few new creations to share tonite. First, a wall hanging that I just adore. It came as a kit from A Kiss On The Chic. I LOVE Laura's kits, they are so beautiful and I can't believe you get so much for so little! And she loves buying things from Etsy to add to her kits, so they are unique! I got this chalkboard kit and mixed in a few items from my Home kit also. I just love the happy bright colors. If you've never been to A Kiss On The Chic, check it out!

Next a card I made with my Home kit. It is for a challenge at Christian Paper Crafts Magazine. The Bible Verse stamp is Papertrey Ink. Sometimes less is more, so I kept this card simple. The challenge was to use a scripture and the colors black, tan, and aqua/teal blue.

Now, on to some fun stuff! Farm pictures! Mr. Kitty loves taking it easy at the barn. I'm never going to quit calling him "Ms." Kitty.

This is a picture of my oldest chicken Black Gold. Her feathers have kinda dulled with age and the other day I caught her napping and then she yawned. Who knew chickens yawned? Black Gold loves being a Mama more than anything. If any chickens hatch little ones, Black Gold hangs around to keep an eye on the chick. I think she's the "mid-wife" of chickens.

We have a new addition to the barnyard, little Rain Drop. It was hatched last Friday during all the rain, hence the name! We didn't even know the black chicken was sitting, she just appeared one day with a chick beside of her! She is so proud of her baby.



Anonymous said...

Love the project!! Your card is fab!! I'm such a bright color girl!!

BTW--Cool to know you are a PTI fan too!!
Blessings and Hugs!

Tammie said...

I love little Raindrop! How sweet. What a cute project. You are a busy girl!

Unknown said...

Love the wall hanging and the card is beautiful. I agree with you..sometimes less is better. Ms. Kitty is all grown up. Raindrop is so sweet. He needs brothers and sisters, but with #2 Mother, Black Gold helping out she will be fine.

Shauna K said...

Awww, I love the farm pictures! :) and your projects are super cute too!!
God bless

Marcie said...

Your wall hanging is so pretty, as is your card! I also love all of your home life photos.

Beth said...

Amber your project and card are both gorgeous and the pictures of your critters are so cute I love the baby chick my daughter has been hatching baby chicks she had some quail and something killed all but one of them the other night.

Anonymous said...

Absolutly fabulous wall hanging Amber!!!
I love your creations...Way to go on Inspirational....
`Love` the chickens..
Enjoy the rest of your week:)♥

Annette said...

Gorgeous wall hanging, love the bright colors and your card is awesome! I remember your post of Mr. Kitty when he was a little kitty, he has gotten so big and I know he is loving life on the farm! The chicken photos are so cute and Raindrop is too adorable!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous cards Amber! Really fab mix of color and pattern!

Awww, cute little baby chick! We raised chickens when I was growing up and I just loved when the babies would start hatching!

(-: Heidi

Cindy B Designs said...

Amber, first of all, I love your animals. Too darling. Second, I love that chalkboard tag!

Joan said...

So cute!!! Love the content here! Great work!

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