Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Christmas Brain Block

How could it be? I have all these new fun gadgets to use for my crafts and no ideas! I think it's just a post-Christmas brain block. You are kinda just out there, it's still not the new year, but Christmas is long wanna make Valentine's, but don't want them to sit there for weeks before sending them! Could I be dreaming of Easter bunnies already? We've had a few really warm days and that's got me looking forward to spring, but I have to keep in mind that winter has just begun. So what am I going to do to change this mood? I've been thinking of joining a kit club, how fun for a box to arrive at my house each month filled with all the latest goodies? Sounds dreamy to me!
But despite the block I had to make a card for my dear friend's birthday. I used the "Happily Ever After" Cricut Cartridge, my Cuttlebug, and a pretty orange Prima flower...because orange is her favorite color and it stands out, just like she does! Hope she likes it!


Annette said...

Awesome card Amber! Have fun playing with all your new goodies. I think joining a kit club would be so much fun, more goodies to play with!

Tammie said...

Love the card...those rolled edges are classic! Hey, I would like to join a kit club too....any ideas?

Unknown said...

Love the card ...I don't know who the friend is. We'll have to talk.I know you are aware of all the surffing I do from blog to blog to blog...I have found some kits at a reasonable price then there are some that are way over the top. Check out a few before you decide.

Audrey Pettit said...

That is adorable, Amber! I love the colors and the pop of the orange flower. So glad to see you using your new toys. And don't worry about the brain happens, girl. We all get on overload and need a break now and again.
So glad you're thinking about joining a kit club. You do know I co-own one, right??? ;) Have to put a little plug in there. I really do think we have absolutely beautiful kits that are packed, nicely coordinated, and not too "over the top". Good price, too.
I'll send you our club site, in case you want to take a peekie.
We have a classroom with tutorials, a full gallery with samples going back over a year, and tons of past kits to get inspiration from. We're also offering a sale of 25% off any past kit.;)
You might wanna do a little shopping in the "previous kits" page. If you see anything, just send me a message. I can combine shipping and let you know the total.
Have a great day, Amber!

Unknown said...

Just darling! I love the springy colors!

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