Saturday, March 21, 2009


It was a beautifully chilly day in Kentucky. It's amazing how fast you can be spoiled by a few days of warm weather. Mom and I went shopping today and found all kinds of pretty things at the Hobby Lobby, just love that place.
I've just got a few random things to share tonite. First, remember my pink boots? Well here's the layout to go along. Love the bright Sassafrass paper. And I love those boots, they are VERY waterproof, wipe off easily, and are stylin!

Next is another project using Sassfrass products and a Melissa Frances rub-on.

I like this card because it's simple. I over-think my cards sometimes and make it more complicated than it needs to be.
We're having some issues on the farm. We're trying to put all the boys together-Smoky, little Sammy, and Freddy... Well it seems that Smoky hates Sammy! Not sure what we're going to do, I think we need a horse whisperer!
Here's a couple of pictures I took the other day. I found a nest of chicken eggs in the loft of our barn. 14 eggs! I think my little chickens are wanting to start sitting and hatching eggs, must be Spring!

And here's a picture of a beautiful Golden Bell in bloom. I think everyone calls these flowering bushes something different...but growing up they were always Golden Bells.



Tammie said...

Love the the farm pics and love the goldenbells...Glad you had a good shopping day.

Mary said...

Hey Amber, great pics! I hope the animals start getting along better. How is your Papaw doing?

Unknown said...

You gotta love the boots!!! In my lifetime the flowering bush was and still is a "golden bell." Very pretty card. Enjoyed the day with you, haven't had time to even look at my goodies.

Beth said...

Amber, love your blog and the farm pictures I am an old farm girl myself and your layout is awesome.

Annette said...

I love the layout Amber, the paper is perfect for your boots! Your card is beautiful and the little mushroom is too cute. Your photos are awesome, great photography!

Unknown said...

Love your layout! The pops of pink are perfect with those totally fab boots!
Your card is beautiful too! I love all the Sass Lass!
Great spring pics!

Anonymous said...

Amber, I love your projects! Sassafras is one of my favorite vendors. :-) I hope you had an awesome day!

Audrey Pettit said...

Hey Amber! What cute projects! I love all that Sass stuff. It was the perfect choice to highlight your adorable pink boots. That page is just so bright and fun. Love the flowers, too. And your card is awesome. I love those MF rub-on sentiments. Wish I had every single one she makes.
Love the couple of farm photos. Our yellow bells are starting to bloom, too. Good luck getting the boys to co-habituate.

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