Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

By the end of most of my vacations I need a vacation. Today I went and visited my dear friend who is having a baby boy and is due on October 31st. We had a wonderful visit, she insisted I bring my scrapbooks and we looked at a ton of pictures. Then hubby and I went to Natural Bridge, it is located in one of our state parks in Kentucky. It is a natural bridge on top of a mountain that links 2 mountains together. You ride a sky lift up to it and it was just beautiful today. The weather was perfect and the trees were beautiful.

And then when I got home I had another treat waiting on me in the mailbox. My Papercrafts magazine "Cards, Gifts, and More" that I won for WCMD had arrived.

It is loaded with inspiring creations. Teri Anderson, who's blog I won the magazine from, has several cards in it. The magazine had this great cupcake template that was too cute, so I decided to make a cupcake birthday card. It would have been prettier with glitter and more stamping, but I was just too sleepy! Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy.


Mary said...

I think it looks wonderful! Who is having a baby?

Tammie said...

Love the pictures of the mountains. I took some neat fall shots after church yesterday...will post some later.

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