Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas in October

Today has been so beautiful. When I wake up early (which doesn't happen often) I feel like a day last 100 years and I enjoy every second of it (with a nap thrown in of course). I got up early for Church this morning and we had a wonderful service. There's nothing like a little country Church in the Fall. I decided this evening that I would try some recipes out of my new Amish cookbook. I made chicken chowder that was delicious, it was so creamy and a great dish for cooler days. I also made a pumpkin roll from scratch. They both turned out good and I was very tickled with myself. Still amazes me I can cook a little. Just shows ANYONE can learn to cook!
My craft tonite is a Christmas card. I like it because I didn't use traditional Christmas colors. It is simple, but that's why I like it. I have a million craft ideas in my head for the holidays, going to have to get to work!


Tammie said...

Beautiful card, Ber. I will need a copy of the chowder recipe :) I am so proud of the woman you have grown up to be.

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