Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I just love Saturday's when I don't have to work and know I'm also off on Sunday, it's so relaxing. I must be very relaxed, because I couldn't get my brain to work on scrapbooking tonite and my sewing machine is "I'm afraid" broke, just couldn't concentrate on fixing it. So I'm posting a birthday card I did a few days ago. I struggle with birthday cards, seems like they always end up primary colors. But it was cute, so I thought I'd post it.

If you don't have this months Creating Keepsakes magazine, go get it! Very good ideas and plenty of inspiration. Elizabeth Kartchner (SOY 2007) has an Q & A dedicated to blogging...she has a great blog, link's to your right if you want to visit. She has some great tips on blog headers. Hopefully after Church tomorrow I will get some scrapbooking done! Enjoy.


Tammie said...

Love the "fuzzy stuff"on the hat...cute card. I can never keep a sewing maching in working condition. (Neither could mom...must be genetic :)

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