Monday, January 19, 2009

Back To Work : (

Well my sweet vacation is over...all of my lazy January vacation days are gone! All I have done all week is ate, slept, and scrapped. I've not accomplished one MAJOR thing, besides doing some online shopping and the laundry! And we've ate out or with family almost every nite...Last nite we went to this little pizza place to grab a snack and take the dogs for a ride, we almost hit deer, a possum, and something else unidentified with little glowing eyes! It's just not worth risking little animals and my vehicle for it:)
I have a little "toot"! You need to go over to the Cuttlebug Challenge blog and look at my picture and bio! Kinda makes me nauseated to think of my picture up there, but hey what can a girl do? And tomorrow Shannon from the CB Design Team is having a great tutorial at CB Challenge, you need to go over and read her great tips! She's also got a fabulous blog with plenty of card ideas!
OK here's my card for the nite. I was kinda feeling like I wanted to use Autumn colors and it really worried me that I might end up making a Thanksgiving card (which I'd really rather not do at Valentine's Day!) but it ended up turning into a "Friends" card.

I took this picture with my new Light Box. I just love it, so easy. I owe Mom and my Aunt T a big thanks for that one! Click on their names to check out their blogs...they are scrappers too and that's how we check out each others projects! Very 2009, don't ya think?
Well it's bedtime...I've been fighting with Adobe Photoshop for 2 hours at least! To use computers and technology constantly, I can't do a thing with Photoshop!


Tammie said...

Pretty card, Ber. Love the teal and brown...two of my faves. I feel sorry that you have to go btw! Oh well, have to fund that scrap habit somehow ;)

Unknown said...

The card is beautiful, and if the light box makes that much of a difference then I need to get mine out!!! ( oh yeah, you have to create something 1st)lol...Between laundry, soap opera and dinner it's hard to find the time. I've been looking thru scrap mags but my idea fountain has dried up. Maybe tomorrow.

Mary said...

How cute that you thought of me when you ordered from PTI! What did you get? Love Songs is def on my wishlist! Love the card and your profile at Cuttlebug is cute and you to a T!

Annette said...

Awesome card, I love the big felt flower! Sounds like you had a great vacation, eating, sleeping and scrapping - what a great time!
Love your bio and photo posted at Cuttlebug!

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