Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Randomness and Snow

Oh how I'm tired of that white stuff! I mean sure, the first couple of snows are pretty...but we got more unexpected snow yesterday, at least 2 inches with possibly 4-6 in. by Wednesday. I sure hope the weather man is wrong!
Here's a couple of cards I wanted to share with you. They are from Paper Playground kits that I ordered last month...they are the May and July 2008 kits that they had left. Just love the papers!

Have some blog awards Mom sent me. Aren't they cute? Now if you visit my blog I want you to award them to yourself:) That away no one is left out (smart thinking, right?).

And Mom sent me another challenge to go to my 6th picture file and pick the 6th picture to post. So here it is:

This is Sophie, the puppy we adopted almost 2 years ago that decided to go live with my in-laws because she loves there golden retriever so much. If you follow my blog, she's the big black dog sitting in the dodge truck on a previous post. Well here she is as a puppy enjoying her swimming pool. She LOVES water....we first discovered this when she was tiny and every time she got near a bucket of water she stuck her entire head down in it. At first I wondered if she was trying to drown herself, but then figured it out:)
Here's another picture of her, so cute. She's about 50 lbs heavier now!

And good news, my Papaw's surgery went well. Keep Praying for a speedy recovery.


Tammie said...

Cute puppy...cute cards.

Mary said...

What a cute card! I will continue to keep your papaw in my prayers!

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